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Hello! I'm Clay Mitchell.

I'm a Charlotte, NC based Software Developer, with extensive experience designing building enterprise scale and cloud based systems from the data to the UI.

I'm also an avid book reader, an aspiring guitarist, and I love to watch and play sports.


About me

I'm a technology generalist who believes in finding the right solution to fit the needs to the business. I've built microservices and monoliths, coded in Java, .NET, Python, and JavaScript. I've designed databases in Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, and BigTable. I've deployed custom-built solutions and vendor apps. I've built REST services and GraphQL endpoints. I get things done, be it at the world biggest banks, small cloud startups, and even on the NFL sidelines. I also love to learn new technologies, and to mentor other developers and see them go on to create great things of their own.

  • Location:Charlotte, NC
  • Experience:20+
  • Interests:Tech, Books, Guitar, Sports
  • Employment:Ready for new opportunities!


Principal Engineer - Platform and IAM

BetterCloudJan 2022 - Present
  • Responsible for technical design and architecture of multiple products deployed across Google Cloud Platform
  • Supported teams dedicated to authentication, authorization, process automation, and workflows.
  • Mentor and coach for multiple teams, including highest performing team at BetterCloud. This team delivered 20% ahead of schedule and used as a model for design and planning
  • Worked with product owners and UX teams to define solutions for both internal and external customers.
  • Designed and delivered distributed deletion process across dozens of data sources and over 100 microservices to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and contractual obligations, contributing to a perfect SOC/ISO score
  • Overhauled existing system to maintain authentication tokens using distributed locking to provide a more stable and consistent product, removing need for customer action
  • Designed (both technical and product) generic webhook consumer to power 3-400K workflows a month, delivering automation functionality to customers representing 23.7M ARR
  • POC, design, and delivery of cloud DLP process for sanitizing and protecting customer data
  • Design and delivery of shared authentication integrations for SharePoint ($145K added ARR in 90 days), BambooHR (reached 90 day adoption goal in 30 days, at 1.7M ARR in 2023), and Slack EG APIs
  • Responsible for design of company-wide effort to integrate IDP custom data into existing ingestion system, delivered 30 days ahead of schedule

Solutions Architect, Lead Dev

Bank of AmericaJul 2010 - Dec 2021
  • Solutions Architect – CreditSync
    • Responsible for overall technical design of project, including UI, API, and database tiers. Tech stack: Angular / Spring Boot / Oracle
    • Defined and led integration with enterprise services, including authentication, authorization, and secrets management such as OAuth2+PKCE, HashiCorp Secrets Vault
    • Mentored teammates, negotiated with Product Owners, taught REST API design, prototyped and introduced new technologies to team
    • Performed code reviews, provided Agile development consulting, DevOps integration, acted as developer of last resort for exceptional technical problems
  • Solutions Architect / Lead Developer - SecureDocs
    • Lead development resource for implementation of new vendor product
    • Designed APIs and developed multiple utilities for integrating with external systems and processes
    • Worked with vendor to define new functionality
    • UI/UX Development Lead on Banking CRM
    • Responsible for UI development on a heavily customized Microsoft Dynamics based application
    • Worked with UX team and interviewed potential users and experts for UI requirements
    • Implemented and directed numerous performance enhancements
  • Development Lead and Application Manager for BBS and Client Profitability apps
    • Led development on legacy J2EE application on a Spring / Weblogic / Oracle + Netezza stack
    • Designed and developed new features, coordinated releases, oversaw testing


With over 20 years of experience, I've acquired skills in a number of domains, including...

Frontend development
Backend development
Architectural Patterns
Cloud (AWS, GCP)
Docker & Kubernetes

You great at supporting and mentoring and inspiring your team. You are always the first to applaud them, to lift the people around you and let them shine ...You know how to tackle a hard problem that is put in front of you and find solutions that meet the business needs but are efficient to deliver

-- Lorinda Brandon

Clay has done a great job assisting in the growth of [his teams]. Clay has been a rock through all the changes the teamhas gone through in the past year. He's created stability and aconsistent environment for the team to thrive in. Clay's mentorship &Advocacy has helped the team become more performant - they have gonefrom an average performance to top tier performance team.

-- Daniel Breitigan

[Clay's] great technical abilities both hands on and from the mentoring aspect will continue to help him pave the way to the next chapter...

-- Diego Piexoto

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